Designing and Prototyping at the Green Fablab

As part of the FabCity research program we started working at the FabLab Barcelona. It’s great to be working in a place that is full of tools, students, design and innovation.

Its a fast paced and inspiring environment where you start learning about other people’s projects, including those form MIT’s Fab Academy, from the very first moment you step into the building. Thanks to Tomas Diez, the FabLab director for this opportunity, we’ll be able to use all the tools like the 3D printers, CNC machines and laser cutters.

The FabLab in Barcelona also has another working space in Valldaura. The Green FabLab is a unique space located just outside the city in the middle of the Collserola natural park. There I met with Greg Durrens who did the Fab Academy and then became the Fab manager at Valldaura. We first met in POC21 and then it felt like a reunion to meet him back in Barcelona, where he helped to design the thread for the Faircap family prototype for larger PET bottles.