How to use your Faircap water filter





The Faircap Mini is a small portable water filter. These are the steps to follow when you want to purify potentially contaminated water like water found in natural rivers, streams, ponds, water wells, rainwater, etc.:

Step 1

Fill a plastic bottle with the water you want to filter. You can use any soda PET bottle, be it 0.5 L, 1L or 2L bottles, they all have the same bottle neck diameter. In most countries water bottles also have the thread, except in Europe where water bottles have a wider bottle neck. The Faircap Mini comes also with a BPA free, foldable bottle that serves both for packaging and protection as well as for drinking water.

Step 2

Screw your Faircap Mini filter in the bottle neck. The Faircap Mini filter incorporates a silicone gasket inside the thread so that there is no leakage when inserting the filter and squeezing the bottle.

Step 3

Squeeze and/or such the water thru the filter and the mouth piece. Clean transparent water should come out of the mouthpiece inmediately after squeezing. The Faircap Mini filter can be reused several times. Once you feel that you need too much pressure to squeeze a bottle and no more clean water passes thru the filter then you will know that the filter can’t be used anymore.



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