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For only € 10 you can donate a Faircap Family Water Filter for a family in need through NGOs in developing countries.

The Faircap Family Filter is a low-cost and easy to use water filter that removes sediments, crystals and bacteria.

Size: 20 cm long x 4,5 cm diameter

Weight: 400gr

Material: Polysulfone Microfiltration

Pore Size: 0.1 um

Membrane Area: 0.5m2

Flow Rate: 20-30L per hour by gravity.

Useful Life: approximately 10,000 litres or 2 years depending on the water source and daily use.

Model: FC-FF-M14

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Faircap Family Water Filter

Faircap has designed a small, robust, easy-to-use, high-flow and low-cost water purification device that can be screwed on or adapted to existing water containers such as drums, buckets or tanks of water.

With a membrane with a pore size of either 0.1μm or 0,01μm, the Faircap Family can eliminate turbidity, bacteria, protozoa, cysts and even viruses that cause gastrointestinal diseases without the use of chemicals or external energy. This kit is designed to be light enough so that it can be easily transported to the affected area and installed locally.

The Faircap Family works with the pressure of a small hand pump. Due to its intuitive design using a pump and a limited number of parts, the Faircap Family filter can be installed and used by following simple graphic instructions.


    1. Family-sized: It can filter up to 30L/h. Ideal to meet the drinking water needs of a family of 5 for an estimated period of a year.
    2. Easy to use: Just pour water into a jerry can or bucket and filter clean water using manual force and gravity.
    3. Last point of contact: On-demand filtration helps to ensure that clean water does not get contaminated again after filtration.
    4. Effective: filters 99.99% of bacteria as well as larger pathogens and sediments. Can filter 99% of viruses.


Faircap Family Kit


Please, keep your Faircap Family Filter wet after the first use to keep the membranes humid leaving the filter to dry without humidity will reduce the lifetime of the filter and the flow rate over time.

If you store filtered water for several hours in a container make sure that the storage container has been cleaned with clean water and soap to avoid recontamination. You can also add a few drops of chlorine or a chlorine tablet to keep water safe to drink for many hours.

Do not use the filter with a water source that contains dissolved chemicals or with salty water. Faircap does not remove chemicals or salt.

Do not use the filter if it is damaged or broken. A broken filter will not remove harmful pathogens.

Keep the filter outlet clean. If the filter falls by accident into dirty water and the outlet becomes dirty, place the filter into clean water with a few drops of chlorine to disinfect the filter. You can also pass chlorinated water thru the filter to disinfect it.


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