FairCap at the OSCE Days Barcelona

We participated during the Open Source Circular Economy Days in Barcelona in June organizing one of the practical activities or workshops. We presented more information about the project at one of Barcelona’s city Fab Labs, Ateneu de Fabricacio la Fabrica del Sol

The OSCE days is an open event organized by volunteers in different cities in the world, normally by people working on collaborative and open source projects and anyone interested in the Circular Economy. We organized an open meeting with the following program.



  • Present general information about the project in the short and medium term
  • Assemble a DIY water filter using a PET bottle and natural materials like sand, vegetable charcoil, activated carbon to understand a basic filtration process.
  • Present the current prototype and brainstorm new ideas and improvements
  • Use 3D printing to prototype new sample models

Where: Ateneu de Fabricació La Fabrica del Sol2
Passeig de Salvat Papasseit, 1
08003 Barcelona

When: Thursday 11 June, @18:00

Resource: www.faircap.org7