Successful Test of the prototypes at the Hospital Lab

We tested the working prototypes under the microscope and with bacterial cultivation at the Hospital Sant Camilo in Sant Pere de Ribes near Barcelona.

The results were encouraging, removing 100% of bacteria and protozoa (shown in the microscope picture) from a pond

(which had less of a concentration of bacterial originally) and a large amount (over 99.9%) from the highly polluted Besos river. We did before and after tests to show the results.

We were allowed to test the filters thanks to Dr. Victor Conchucos who came from Peru many years ago and worked at the hospital for over 25 years. We met Dr. Conchuchos thanks to a friend from Lima who is his niece. Dr. Conchucos after hearing the story about Faircap and the mission of the project contacted the head of the microbiology lab and requested their help. Normally these kind of tests can cost thousands of euros, but thanks to the power of crowdsourcing and open collaboration we were able to know that the type of membrane that we wanted to use for the final product did actually worked.

This test confirmed that making the final Faircap filters was possible so we would dedicate our efforts on designing the final version and finding the right partner lab to make these special membranes.