3D Printed Activated Carbon Instructable

Faircap’s goal is to provide clean water for everyone, in that vein we are making filtration tools that remove bacteria and viruses. Our aim is to make a $1 water filter, we’re hoping to run a crowdfunding campaign to bring the cost down and create a single unit that can filter both chemicals and bacteria and screw onto any standard sized bottle cap.

For researching and learning we came up

with a 3d printed version of the Faircap filter. With this project you can fill a bottle full of sludge from a pond, screw the OS3DPWF onto a large plastic bottle, combine it with an ultrafiltration cartridge or leave the filtered water under the sun for 4 hours so that the UV light destroys the DNA from viruses and bacteria, and start pouring your family clean and safe cups of drinking water!

800 million people globally don’t have access to clean water and every year the problem worsens. Faircap is developing a variety of open source water filters to provide clean water access for the bottom of the pyramid and to address the needs of the many.

Faircap is sharing the design files and information needed of this 100% open source version to discover and excite a global group of people to collectively work on a multifaceted global problem. Download the files, print your own Faircap, and be a part of the solution. Collaborate with the project at http://www.faircap.org with your own ideas, the more designers we have creating modifications and variations, the faster we’ll be able to bring clean water to everyone, openly.